Complete Physiotherapy Services

All private, insurance and NHS patients are accepted.


I have just completed a course of physiotherapy with Miss Viviana Leal.  I had pain in my lower back which was getting worse and prohibiting me from standing for long periods of time.

I had five sessions with Viviana who gave me daily exercises to do.  I religiously did these every morning and I have so much less pain now.  In 5 weeks I have a lot more movement and I can’t believe the transformation.  It has not completely gone (that would be a minor miracle) as I have had this pain in various degrees for nearly 45 years.  I am continuing with the exercises and I do not need any further physio sessions.

One further benefit to doing the exercises is that I am getting my waistline back and my tummy is a lot flatter.  Not bad for a 69 year old woman!!