Huge thanks to Gianmarco at Complete Physiotherapy – I’d injured my ankle and it was incredibly painful, I could barely walk for the two days following the injury.

Gianmarco assessed and diagnosed the injury then performed some hands on treatment – it was almost immediately better (thank you!), and today it feels great.  It’s an improvement I really would not have thought possible, like faith healing!

You performed manipulation, massage and gave self management advice and exercises – strengthening and balance work.  I have performed my exercises daily and the outcome has been incredible.

Thanks again Gianmarco  – it’s quite amazing the improvement!

“I’d like to thank David Kershaw for his professional and expert treatment of a serious shoulder problem.  His diagnosis, manipulation and injections have solved the pain and restored movement.  It is of considerable help that David is a successful sportsman as he understands and sympathises with patients who also play sport. Grateful patient – Mortimer Practice.”

“Kersh is a great bloke but unfortunately I have spent far too much time in his treatment room in recent times. Nevertheless, I can only thank him for his tireless work on my shins which ensured that I was fit for both the Ashes tour and the World Cup. His patience and persistence were also vital in order to make me pursue and ultimately achieve my treatment and rehabilitation targets after my hernia operation.”

“I was treated at Complete Physiotherapy following a car accident which caused cervical whiplash. Prior to my initial assessment with Dave, I was in a good deal of pain, with my whole life being affected by my injury. Following the first treatment, my symptoms improved dramatically. After the course of treatment I was fully functional and pain free – something I thought I would never be. Thank you so much. You truly do have healing hands and I always recommend you to everyone.”

Opening times are very extensive and flexible so they can accommodate commuters easily. Treatment is excellent and effective. The treatment was completed by a follow-up phone call to check i hadn’t suffered a relapse – a Complete package was provided. Thanks for all your good work.

“Thank you for all your treatment, advice and support through my ACL reconstruction and rehab. I made the uni basketball team and I ran a cross-country marathon this weekend – a very hilly, windy 48km along the coast of South Devon! You all helped me so much during my rehab, which was probably the most challenging period of my life so far. Special thanks to Jill for all the early morning sessions and helping me keep my head up. I would recommend any of you to friends or family, you did a great job!”

“I worked with Andy for a number of months due to a torn cartilage in my knee. The customer experience I received was outstanding. After one session, Andy had diagnosed my injury, written to my GP and a local Consultant. Post op, Andy was very supportive and knowledgeable as I went through rehab. This involved explaining how the knee was repairing, exercises required and he was very inspirational in driving me to fully recover. I was so impressed that I recommended Andy to my wife when she had tennis elbow. Again, she received a first class experience. Thank you Andy.”

“I have seen many therapists in the area over the last six months but after just one appointment with you Jill gave me the CORRECT diagnosis – 3 weeks ago I had my surgery and I am now virtually painfree. Thank you so much Complete Physiotherapy – you are fantastic!”

“After twisting my knee skiing before Christmas I am delighted to be 100% and off skiing again next weekend. Great professional service and approach by all the staff. Dave you have a great clinic and provide a top class service. Many thanks once again to all.”

Although Kersh will not be remembered for his ‘poker skills’ at Lancs, I will always be indebted to him for his physio skills. It was Kersh who diagnosed me as having a stress fracture of the spine and ultimately set the whole treatment procedure rolling, arranging scan after scan, numerous specialist appointments and spending many an hour overseeing my rehabilitation in the gym.