Complete Lower Limb Class

Our Lower Limb Class is aimed at people who want to increase the strength of their lower body including hips, knees and ankles. Strength may be lacking following a recent surgery, injury or a chronic muscle imbalance. Training the lower body also includes activating trunk muscles as well as your balance systems.

The Lower Limb Class at Complete Physiotherapy is aimed at increasing strength through all the target areas to return you to function whether that being able to walk further, return to running or rehabilitating you from surgery.

There are numerous benefits in improving lower body strength.

These benefits include:

  • Being able to walk or run faster
  • To avoid injury and progress running performance
  • Improving balance and core strength
  • Returning to sport / gardening
  • Combating time sat at a desk!

Where are the classes taking place?

Classes will take place on Tuesday at 9:30am at our Rehabilitation Centre.

Archway House, Gosbrook Road, Caversham, Reading, RG4 8HU.
Telephone: 0118 9462299

How long is each class?

They will last 40 minutes and cost £8 per person.

Attend 8 sessions and get your 9th session free.

What should you bring?

Bring with you a refillable water bottle and wear clothes suitable for exercising and are comfortable.

How do you book?

Call us on 01189 462299 to book your place or speak to the Reception staff at our Caversham clinics.

Please book early to secure your place.