Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Members of our team attended the Circle Hospital, Reading on Monday evening for a CPD evening.

The topic was ‘Pain in the neck and shoulder’ with consultants; Mr Harry Brownlow, Mr Patrick McKenna and Kate Hutchings.

Mr Brownlow, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon for the shoulder and elbow discussed  differential diagnosis of various shoulder pathologies like  frozen shoulder,  acromioclavicular joint injuries, calcific tendonitis and brachial neuritis. He taught the team how to recognise these disorders as well as special orthopaedic tests that can be done in clinic to identify specific pathologies.

Mr Patrick McKenna, Consultant Spinal Surgeon was presenting on neck pathologies and special orthopaedic tests. He also discussed how to differentiate between neck and shoulder pain but also educated the team on the connection between them.

Dr. Kate Hutchings, Consultant in Sports and Exercise Medicine, presented 5 case studies regarding thoracic outlet syndrome and stingers in rugby – this was a particularly useful topic for the team as there were new concepts for testing clinically.

Our team are always striving to get the best from themselves and continue to broaden their knowledge by completing regular CPD. Tonight we are off to the Spire Hospital, Reading for an evening on the spine. We will update you with what we learn!