Do you do 150 minutes of exercise a week?

A recent study into physical activity in adults found that 26% of females and 19% of males were ‘physically inactive’.

Physical inactivity is described as doing less than 30 minutes of exercise a week and is a contributing risk factor for multiple causes of death, chronic morbidity and disability.

Our question to you…Do you know how much exercise you should be doing each week?

No…..? Well here is the answer…

  • 150 minutes of MODERATE exercise
    • This includes brisk walking and gardening
  • OR 75 minutes of VIGOROUS exercise
    • This includes dancing and running
  • 2 Strength sessions per week
    • This includes body weight and resistance exercise such as those on offer in our exercise classes
  • OVER 65 years old?
    • 2 balance sessions should be included in your weekly exercise schedule
      • Our ‘Elderly Rehabilitation’ classes incorporate strength and balance and run on Mondays and Wednesdays

What are the benefits?

  • Type II diabetes reduced by 40%
  • Cardiovascular disease reduced by 35%
  • Falls, Depression and Dementia reduced 30%
  • Joint and Back Pain reduced 25%
  • Cancer (Colon and Breast) reduced 20%

Still want more persuasion?

Come and join one of our EXERCISE CLASSES to get fit, get healthy and feel great!

Our classes are open to all adults and the older population and are £8 per class (Elderly Rehab is £7.50)

The Government guidelines are outlined below…

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