Exercise -Love it or Hate it?

Love it or hate it exercise is key to healthy body and healthy mind…

We take the benefits of exercise for our musculoskeletal system (bones, muscles, tendons, joints) for granted but have you ever considered the extended health benefits that we get from exercise?

Diabetes, heart disease, depression, dementia and cancers can all be reduced if we exercise more. Improved well-being from sleeping more, managing stress and maintaining or reducing our weight is also a huge boost from exercising regularly.

Our team of therapists at Complete Physiotherapy are an active bunch and pride themselves on taking regular and varied exercise. From Noelia’s weekly yoga, to Rachel’s weight training, Alexa’s passion for the great outdoors and Ruben’s passion for running there is something to suit all.


Current guidelines suggest that adults aged 19-64 should take at LEAST 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise per week. How much do you take?

But what if I’m in pain?

Pain does not necessarily mean injury  – pain is something we need to address rather than shy away from. Our bodies are designed to move and movements through normal range of motion promote healing. If we avoid moving, our bodies become deconditioned. When the nervous system is able to detect such deconditioning it wonders “there must be something wrong over there. Let’s fire some pain!!”.

So how do you exercise if you’re in pain?

There are stages of exercise that involve working the muscles in different ranges of motion – some might be painful and we need to work towards and others might be less painful and allow you to work into. Muscles can be worked in a static motion (not moving but activating muscles) or a dynamic motion (involving movement). Dynamic movements can involving lengthening or shortening of the muscles or both.

So what now?

Ultimately you need to enjoy what you do. If it’s a chore it’s not fun.

Joining a class or club might introduce a social element to your exercise. Having a session with a personal trainer might make you aware of areas you hadn’t thought were weak or tight. Enjoying the great outdoors and finding new running trails might give you new love for running. The list is endless but we at Complete Physiotherapy are all passionate about helping you achieve your goals and getting you up and moving!

So why wait?

Book an appointment today with one of the Team to address those niggles and allow us to guide you back into exercise and help achieve your goals.

We can’t wait to welcome you to our Rehabilitation Centre!

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