Marathon Training Tips

Marathon training is very much underway and we’ve started seeing a few niggles creeping into our clinics. Here are a few training tips that will help you through your marathon training journey…

PLAN your training

Even if you are an experienced runner you need to plan for your marathon. You won’t get across the finish line unless you make a plan and incorporate your training as part of your lifestyle. Plan how many weeks you have and decide what you objective is. It’s important that you begin your training early and include – strength training, recovery time, flexibility, nutrition & hydration andthe right kit.


…your current level of fitness so you know where you are now and how much training you need to do to get to your marathon goal. You may not realise it but over the next few months you will be training like an elite athlete! Do a test 5k or 10k run to see what your level of fitness is, if you have any little niggles or concerns about health, fitness or training, seek advice from experts who know. Getting a coach can help you get the right advice from an experienced specialist and keep you motivated.

BUILD a fitness base

Don’t start running too quickly particularly if you are a beginner, if you start by running too much too soon you will get injured, so allow yourself time to build-up a base of fitness and strength. If it’s your first marathon and you have only been running recreationally 2-3 times per week, then allow a minimum of 6 months or 24 weeks to prepare.


Strength is one of the key elements of training most runners fail to include in their training programmes. This can lead to injury, reduced performance and reduced longeivity in the sport. The answer? Get strong! This could be working with a strength and conditioning coach or joining us at one of our strength sessions at our Rehabilitation Centre.

GOAL setting

What do you want to achieve? Set weekly & monthly targets and reward yourself when you reach them. These will provide you with the incentive and commitment towards the Marathon and help you to evaluate how you are progressing. Know what you are going to do in your training week. Running with friends or in a group helps in many ways it is social, motivational and helps you train better.

TRAINING – volume & variety

If you are a new to marathon training then don’t try and increase the volume too quickly. If you have been running for some time vary your training. It’s not all about long runs; doing the same type of training can be boring and can lead to injury, don’t do the same training every day and vary the intensity. Try short speed sessions, hill runs, short races etc. For every day of hard training you should have a couple of easy days. Get yourself a coach to help you plan and to guide you.

Enjoy it and have fun!

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