Osteoporosis and Exercise

Exercising as we get older can be daunting but the risks of falling and poor bone health have huge implications to quality of life as well as a financial burden. Osteoporosis is skeletal disorder, seen predominantly in post-menopausal women due to a sharp decline in bone mineral density after the menopause. It is characterised by weakening of the bones which increases the risk of fracture. Hip, wrist and spinal fractures are the most commonly seen. Osteopenia is the early stages of osteoporosis and you would be diagnosed with this following a DEXA bone scan.

Osteoporosis burden

  • 3 million people are affected by osteoporosis and generally it’s not a painful condition until a fracture is sustained
  • Only 43.5% of patients that sustain a hip fracture return home after the fracture
  • 1yr after a hip fracture 57% of patients need walking aids.
  • The cost to the NHS is £4.4 billion per annum
  • Fractures lead to Poor functional outcomes, mortality, mobility, pain and are increasing

Exercise can help in the prevention and management of osteoporosis by:

  • Optimising peak bone mass
  • Reducing the rate of bone loss
  • Increasing bone strength and muscle strength
  • Reducing number of falls by improving balance
  • Improving posture and movement

How often each week should you be exercising?

  • Balance and Posture exercises should take place at least twice per week
  • Muscle strength and impact exercises should be included two-three times per week
  • Pain relief exercises should be completed daily.
  • 150 mins/week

Weight bearing is a great way to put impact through the bones and it it’s easy to do…here is how….

  • Brisk walking for 20 mins per day can improve your cardiovascular fitness and lower body strength.
  • Taking the stairs rather than the lift improves strength, coordination, balance
  • Doing the housework such as light dusting, hoovering and cleaning windows also counts as weight bearing exercise!

Exercise Classes

Here are Complete Physiotherapy we have classes for our older patients and those who need help to start their exercise journey. Our expert physiotherapist Viviana has a passion for rehabilitaion of the older person and will put you through your paces at a level that suits you whilst adding some fun and light heartedness to each session.

Join us in getting fitter, stronger and combatting osteoporosis, we’d love to hear from you on 01189462299