Our patient’s story…

I had a bad experience of having a total knee replacement on my right leg. Because I am intolerant of all opiates and anti-inflammatory pain relief, I had to rely on Paracetemol only – which didn’t cut the mustard.

I was horrified to find that my other knee began to get painful and was giving up. So my GP suggested that I try Physio. O was referred to Viviana wo gave me the appropriate exercises for two weeks. But it was obvious I needed more help so she suggested acupuncture. It worked like magic for the first session. I responded so well that my GP authorised a further 3 sessions. To my absolute delight all pain was gone and Viviana has certainly been an excellent and professional practitioner. So much so that I really feel the relief is unbelievable.

Because I responded so well to my earlier sessions my GP sanctioned further sessions for my very osteoarthritic hands and fingers. Viviana repeated the magic and I can now fully clench my left hand, which I haven’t been able to do for years. The right hand now unfortunately has carpal tunnel syndrome and I am under Viviana’s treatment for this and getting some relief.

I must add that Viviana is such a friendly, caring lady in whom I have complete trust in.