Running Coaching

Complete Running Coaching

Have you ever considered how you run?

The technique of running is often an element of our running training that we neglect, followed closely by strength. This can lead us into poor running biomechanics and result in injury, which usually means time off our beloved sport.

Analysing your running biomechanics can avoid this and highlight elements of your running stride that can be changed with a bit of hard work.

Running Technique Analysis

Running Technique Sessions are led by our dedicated running coach Alexa who is a UK Athletics qualified Running Coach and is based at our Rehabilitation Centre in Caversham.

The session will involve Alexa watching you run either on or off the treadmill, looking at movement patterns which might highlight areas of weakness, tightness or overactivity.

You will be given a report following your session with the details of your analysis and pointers for moving forwards. This might include areas of weakness that you will be given exercises to regain strength and control or areas of tightness that you will be directed towards stretching. Your report will also have images of your current body position.

If you’ve been referred from your Physiotherapist all the relevant information to return you back to running will be discussed with the Running Coach to ensure you are working at the correct level.


Running technique analysis last for 90 minutes and cost £120 per session.

Running Coaching Sessions

Running coaching sessions will help you achieve a wide range of running goals which may include:

  • Proper breathing technique
  • Running technique pointers
  • How to run faster or longer
  • How to achieve your goals!

Each coaching sessions will be tailored to you, your running and your goals. Whether you are new to running, want to improve your endurance or speed or have a marathon goal in mind these sessions are tailored to improve your running.  Alexa will give you running “homework” so you can continue to improve between sessions.

Our running coaching sessions last 1 hour and are aimed at helping you achieve your running goals.


Sessions cost £45 for the hour but are discounted to £200 for a block of 5 sessions.

Sessions can be purchased individually or as a block of 5 sessions.

Want to train with a friend? Sessions are discounted to £35 per athlete

Sessions can be booked with our dedicated Admin Team on 01189 462299.