Spinal manipulation and the popping sound…

Have you ever wondered what the popping sound is when youir joints click? Our Physiotherapist Ruben tells us more…

Spinal Manipulation involves high-velocity (high speed) low-amplitude (low pressure) forces to spinal segments and surrounding soft tissues.

The sudden ‘high speed’ movement causes the formation of bubbles inside the joints’ synovial fluid and a ‘popping’ is heard. This popping is either gas escaping from the target joint or from friction between the soft-tissues around the spine.

The result is believed to have local biomechanical effects (e.g., facet joint gapping, stretching of soft tissues) that stimulate a cascade of peripheral and central events resulting in pain relief and improved spine related function. It can also be used to enhance muscle performance making it highly beneficial during therapy sessions where rehab gains are required.  The likely benefit from spinal manipulation is pain relief and an increase in the range of movement via the release of neuro-endorphins and nor-adrenaline.  Spinal manipulation can be used on a number of conditions such as: lower back pain, trapped nerve, neck pain, sacroiliac joint pain, thoracic pain, headaches and shoulder pain.

Manipulations on the thoracic, lumbar spine and pelvis are very safe with exception of manipulations performed on the cervical spine where other criteria has to be taken in consideration. As a physiotherapists we follow strict criteria to ensure that treatment selections are appropriate for a specific patient and their problem.

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