Sports Massage – What is involved in your massage session?

Patients are often unsure what to expect at their massage therapy sessions. Alexa our Massge Therapist shares some information with what to expect when you arrive for massage.

“Your inital session I will start by taking your medical history and assessing you. If  your Physiotherapist has recommended Massage Therapy, with your consent, we will have discussed areas that need to be released and stretched. Working collaboratively ensures both myself and the Physiotherapist are working closely to achieve the same goals.

Depending on what you’ve told me, the assessment might involve looking at your posture or how you move or some of your muscles and joints. I’ll ask you during this assessment what you are feeling – for example if you have any discomfort or pain or if you find a movement easy or difficult. Ultimately you know your body best so any feedback is useful to guide treatment.

The treatment involves a range of techniques. Some of these techniques are used where you are still, like general massage, trigger point or stretching the tissues. Other techniques involve you moving, to actively work into the joints or muscle. Treatment can take place sitting, standing, or lying on your front, back or side. I’ll always discuss what works best for you.

I’ll always give you advice on self care, and possibly also exercises to do at the end of your session. This can range from advising you get a desk assessment at work, change some of your postural habits or start some specific stretches or exercises.

One of the most frequent questions about sports massage is “what should I wear?”

For best results I massage directly onto the skin. For this it’s best to wear “big” underwear, or stretchy shorts so you feel comfortable and not overexposed. Ladies please wear a normal bra, not a sports bra as these are easier to undo and adjust if required. I can massage through clothes if needed and I’ll always keep the areas not being worked under a towel.”