Why did it happen?

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Today’s question is;

Why did it happen?

Back pain is the perfect example of this and those of you who have experienced back pain will relate to this. You bend down to tie up your shoe laces or reach up overhead and your back ‘goes’. This is often reported to our physiotherapy team and often the answer includes numerous elements.

Firstly we must consider what action you were doing when your back ‘went’. As a general rule of thumb bending related injuries to the spine affect the disc and standing upright related injuries aggravate the facet joints but this isn’t always true….we are not all built from the same textbook! Coupling the mechanics of injury with how your body presents clinically can give us a working diagnosis allowing us to create a treatment plan best suited to you and your goals.

Secondly we look at the loads placed on the body in the lead up to this injury. Have you been particularly busy with family life, work or increasing your exercise in the gym? Did you lift or carry an object that was maybe too heavy or in an awkward manner? Are you feeling particularly run down? These are all examples of elements of your life that may lead you  to be at risk of sustaining a back injury. Making time for yourself is important in overall well being as well as from a physical perspective.

Finally and possibly the most important factor is the history of having previous back injuries. Putting the back ‘right’ is challenging and requires commitment to a rehabilitation programme over a long period not just the duration of your treatment. This may require a change of the habits that accumulated in the back ‘going’ and the inclusion of exercise where you hadn’t exercised before.  Rehabilitation is great for settling symptoms down but pre-habilitation is arguably more important!

As you can appreciate the ‘why’ is a difficult question to answer and it boils down to changing habits, making changes both physically and from a lifestyle perspective. But we can help. Our physiotherapy team have years of experience and each approach treatment with similar but also very different perpectives. We’d love to help so if you want to know more about the ‘why’s’ of your injury get in touch on 0118 9462299 or use our Online Injury Clinic.