Complete Physiotherapy Services

All private, insurance and NHS patients are accepted.


I just wanted to take the time to email about my physio sessions with Noelia González (Caversham Clinic) because she has been brilliant. I broke my Tibial plateau in April and I was very nervous when I first started physio and lost confidence in my own abilities.

I started physio as soon as possible from having suffered my injury and having surgery, so I was nervous through fear of hurting myself. Noelia made me feel at ease straight away, and made me realise that I could do the exercises and push myself.

I would like Noelia and the managing director  Mr Kershaw, to know how much I appreciated her patience and the care that she has shown towards me. Noelia has really helped with my recovery; she was very professional and personable.

I am starting my NHS physio, but I would certainly come back and would also recommend complete Physiotherapy to others.