Working from home – the new normal 2020+

We all accept we have to do it, but it’s not without other risks which you shouldn’t ignore. A recent UK charity survey reveals what we suspected:

* Six in 10 suffer musculoskeletal pain from poor homeworking practices

*Almost a quarter (23%) said they experienced musculoskeletal pain most or all of the time, and 46% said they had been taking painkillers more often than they would like.

*Lower back pain was the most common complaint identified by the charity’s survey, with 50% of respondents reporting this, followed by neck pain (36%) and shoulder pain (28%).

Karen Middleton, chief executive of The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, commented: “This research isn’t surprising as Covid-19, months of working from home and reduced activity levels will have had a serious deconditioning effect on millions of people.

“We know that First Contact physiotherapists working at GP surgeries have been crucial in treating a backlog of patients seeking appointments for musculoskeletal issues throughout this period.

“The expertise of these physios ensures patients get valuable advice on their condition and self-management tools which will help them to avoid taking time off work and potentially resist the need for surgical options later down the line.”

Forward this link to your HR dept to best assist your colleagues, or request an appointment from your GP or call the clinic yourself if you’re already suffering.

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